With over 50 years of technical and production experience, Haogenplast Ltd uses state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and advanced processes to produce the highest quality vinyl sheeting and films. In-house technologies for compounding, calendering, printing, laminating, embossing and slitting enable the company to deliver turnkey solutions and first-class products customized to meet the client's needs and work schedule. Strict quality assurance protocols ensure product excellence and reliability that have brought Haogenplast to the forefront of the global vinyl sheeting industry.

Haogenplast sources only the highest quality raw materials with ISO certification and EU REACH compliance to ensure a superior finished product. The technical team possesses extensive experience and expertise in formulation and color matching, supported by fully computerized equipment and processes.

Haogenplast operates computer-controlled 4-roll calenders for the production of vinyl sheets. Supporting technology systems include automatic thickness and profile control, and digital automatic visual inspection and process monitoring.

Haogenplast operates 5-color & reverse printers supported by automatic visual inspection and process monitoring technologies. Utilizing the rotogravure printing technique, Haogenplast supplies a wide range of prints, including custom prints to meet the client's requirements.

Haogenplast operates 4-layer laminators & embossers for heavy duty waterproof membranes and flooring. A range of embossing rolls allow for the production of a wide variety of textures, including custom textures as requested by the client. The company also operates 3-layer laminators & embossers for decorative films, both printed and solid color, in combination with clear acrylic, PVC and PVDF layers.

Slitting & Packaging
The packaging stage of the production process includes the final digital automatic visual inspection, to ensure the highest quality product that meets the client's needs while complying with international industry standards. All products, including waterproofing vinyls, decorative and technical films, are available in a range of packaging options, including custom packaging to suit the client's shipping and storage requirements.