Swimming Pools

Haogenplast's AGAM range of high-quality vinyl pool liners is designed for maximum durability and efficiency, featuring high UV and chemical resistance, anti-slip embossing, stain repellency, and protection against mechanical abrasion and wear. Haogenplast's four specialized pool liner products meet the specifications of standard (NF 5 54-803-2,) EN 15836-2-2011 , and are manufactured as private label on behalf of our clientele:

Unicolor - A solid color pool liner composed of two layers for a high level of defense against environmental exposure.

Unicolor with lacquer - Unicolor pool liner with lacquer coating that offers a high level barrier against UV exposure, plasticizer loss, microbial damage, and resistance to stains such as suntan oils, calcium deposits, and organic materials.

Printed - High quality pool liners in a choice of 165 attractive colors and prints.

Anti-slip - An innovative pool liner with heavy-duty anti-slip properties.

 *All pool liner products are available in widths ranging from 1.5m to 2.05m.