Win Series- Doors, Sills & Metal Lamination

Winorit (VinoritTM)
Winorit is a high-quality semi rigid PVC film designed for lamination of metal doors, security/safety doors and MDF vacuum forming (3D) lamination . Winorit has a thickness of 250 microns, and is compatible with manual or machine application techniques. The product is available in Haogenplast's complete color and print range, including solid uni-color, wood grain, metallic colors and a selection of popular printed designs.

Winometal (VinometalTM)
Winometal is a high-quality semi-rigid PVC film used for the lamination of metals, such as white appliances, doors and garage doors. Machine applied, Winometal is suitable for PVC or metal substrate sheets, and is available in solid uni-color or in a selection of popular printed designs, including wood grain and metallic colors.

Winguard is a PVC film laminate available with or without a protective polyethylene top layer, used mainly for application on window sills. Winguard is available as rigid PVC in solid uni-color, or semi-rigid PVC in a range of printed designs, including marble and wood grain.