Haogenplast Ltd is dedicated to the development, manufacture and supply of advanced, high quality vinyl, PVC and acrylic products for a range of sectors, including industry, defense and construction.

The company places the customer as the central focus, and is committed to delivering the highest quality products according to the customer's specific requirements, to provide the optimal solutions for their needs.


Quality , Safety & Environment& Energy Policy

Organization, company management and its employees are committed to:


  •  Ensure a safe and healthy workplace for all employees and employees on behalf of the (sub-contractors, service technicians, etc.), to avoid accidents and near-accidents and environmental incidents as well as act to prevent environmental pollution and energy efficiency.
  •  Incessantly endeavor to improve the actions, activities and the internal processes in order to integrate the quality improvement, the efficiency improvement as well as the effectiveness of the Quality, Safety, Health and Environment & Energy management system in order to realize the goals and objectives of the society in various fields.
  •  Each worker takes responsibility for his part in the process. Each assigned worker (manager) is responsible for the quality of work of the workers he is in charge of and also, to the aspects of the safety, health, environment and energy that are relevant.
  •  Supply products, this will continuously and consistently meet the needs, expectations and satisfaction of all our customers.
  •  The Company chooses as its suppliers those who follow the principles of Quality, Safety, Health and Environment & Energy compatible with our requirements, while consistently striving to improve the performances to build an approved and authorized suppliers system.
  •  Establish and maintain a Quality, Safety, Health and Environment & Energy management system, according to requirements ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 50001.
  •  Comply with any legal requirements and other regulations.